Great Graphic Novel Picks

Graphic novels Lori – really?  I’m sure there are a few of you who shake your heads at the idea.  And honestly, so did I until recently, but here’s what I’ve learned.  Graphic novels (comic books in MY day) have come a long way and can be an easier option for those reluctant readers out there.  With all the pictures, and fewer words, they are certainly less intimidating.  

In addition, you can now find graphic novels of larger books which means a student can read the simpler version comfortably until their reading level increases and then enjoy the book again at a later time. Think about books like Treasure Island that have an abridged version or one designed for kids – same great story but simpler text so a younger student can enjoy the classic easily. 

Kimmy has introduced me to a variety of titles this year and we ended up searching for new ones this winter because her picks were such a hit with other students that I couldn’t keep them in my library. So here are our favorites!

The Cardboard Kingdom – 2.4                          Sisters – BL 2.4              

The Babysitters Club Series – BL 2.2-2.7        Amulet Series – BL 2.9

Dog Man Series – BL 2.6                                   Bone Series – BL 2.6-3.0

Percy Jackson series – BL 2.6-3.1                    Ghosts – BL 2.6

Anne of Greene Gables – BL 3.2                      Artemis Fowl Series – BL 3.6-4.2

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