Not just a Race but a Marathon

White and pink running shoe

Perspective from Another Mom I think there is nothing more overwhelming than parenting. I remember thinking when our first daughter was born, “If I can just get her through the first six months, everything will be so much easier!” Ha! As they grow, we see new struggles, with skills, discipline, relationships…the list goes through the…

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The Benefits of using the Audible and Kindle apps together

Using Audible and Kindle apps

Full disclosure? I love real hold-in-your-hand physical books.  I think there are huge positives to having students carry them, feel them and turn actual pages.  That being said…There are several advantages to using audio-books and eReaders and if you have chosen the Audible and Kindle apps – I gotta tell ya, they do some nice things.   I have…

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Tips for Reluctant Readers

Animated library

 Belle in the Bookstore scene from                                                                                            Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Reluctant readers come in all shapes and ages. Some students will always look at books with trepidation while others will attack them with delight once they feel comfortable with the task of decoding. Regardless, getting those learners started down the path of independent…

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Summer Prep for your Reading Intervention

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Yes – the snow is just melting, and we haven’t seen more than a handful of robins, but it’s time to start thinking about our summer plans for our dyslexic students. You may be thinking, “Seriously??? I haven’t even gotten this kid through the school year and your pressuring me to think of the NEXT…

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What is Interactive Reading and Why is it Important?

A lady teacher is teaching students under a tree

When I was a kid, we had one choice if you wanted a story. You read it – out of a book.  Since I was lucky, I had a mom who read to us alot as kids and used all different voices to make it more interesting.  When reading The Chronicles of Narnia, she whispered…

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How to Handle Testing Anxiety

This is the time of year when we need to talk about test anxiety for our students.  Standardized testing in all venues, public, private and homeschooling will be stressful regardless so let’s go over a few ideas that can make the process a little less so. Setting up a couple of “testing traditions” that make…

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