Adventure/Fantasy Book List For 9-14 Year Olds

Dyslexic students are looking for books that “start right away”.  They need the action at the beginning instead of two chapters of backstory before things get started.  Here are some adventure books that include something “extra” – could be magic or monsters, superheros or talking animals.  If the story is fast paced enough, it’s worth all the trouble to decode those words because things are happening from the get-go.  Here are a few series Sam really liked and a few that were top picks from other kids too.  He picked things he enjoyed from about 4th-6th grade.  All of them have an audio book through Audible as well so he could listen as well as read.  Listening to audibles allows the student to expand vocabulary and hear an great example of reading out loud and how that needs to flow.

Spiderwick Chronicles – BL 3.9-4.3

The Lightening Thief – Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series – BL 4.3-4.7

The Ables – no BL available

Upsidedown Magic Series – BL 3.4-3.9

The Lost Hero – Heroes of Olympus Series BL 4.5-5.2

Tuesdays at the Castle Series – BL 5.5-5.9

Harry Potter Series – BL 5.5-6.9

Slathbog’s Gold – Adventurers Wanted Series – BL 5.6-5.8

Mouseheart series – BL 5.7

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